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A little insight into why we do
what we do.

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Here's what we aim to do.

When I first started out in business I believed having an online presents was essential.
Everybody has their own views but I still believe I am right.
I had a small amount of knowledge on how to build web sites and get them on line.
So that is what I did. Any new business idea I had I built a site (all be it not a very good one)
and got it online.
I sat back and watched the money roll in and the businesses go global. In reality I just sat back thinking I had done my part.
I quickly realised that although the sites were working and online they were not being seen. It doesn't matter if you are giving away gold if nobody knows about it.
You see, building a site and getting it on line in the easy part. You can do this for next to nothing using templates which gives your site a very professional feel. You don't really need to know any coding as some use "drag and drop" method which make the process very quick and easy.
The aim is to get people to see you.
So I began to look into SEO. After dipping my toe several times and making lots of mistakes I managed to get a site on the first page of Google and Bing.
Now there are many companies out there that say they will get your site on the first page. Some will use methods that search engines do not like for a quick result. This will ultimately do more harm than good. Others will indeed get you on the first page. But this can take time. You can expect to wait months for any siginifcant results to show. Then there is the money. Of course you need to start paying before you see any results. You can expect to pay around £200.00 per month with no real idea of how long it will take or what kind of results you will actually get.
So how good would it be, especially if you are a new business looking to serve your local community if you were ahead of the field from the start?
Well hopefuly that is where Seventy2 comes in.
So here's what we do. 
Create a website that is taylored to the sector of business of your choice.
This site is generic with royalty free graphics and only requires some small changes to the literature. Basically your details and business name etc.
Of course you can do what you want with the site. Leave it as it is. Have it directing to an existing site. Completely chage everything.
It's up to you.
But here's the exicting part.
Your site will be live, have email already set up
and be on the first page of Google.
This is done organically with no adverts. No ongoing payments.
All this from day one. No waiting. With only ten organic places avaliable on the first page of Google and
with hundreds of thousands of results being returned you can see how valuable this would be.
Giving you the best advantage from the start.


Page One From Day One 


Fully Working Live Site


No On Going Payments

Take a look at our sample site. It will give you an feel of how your site will look.