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Seventy 2

Putting you new business
ahead of the field from the start.


A Taylored Site For You
On Page One.

Our mission is simple. To make a site taylored to your sector of business.
These sites are already live. You can add any social media account.
Most importantly, they are all ready being seen.
Our sites are already on the first page of Google.
This has been done by organic SEO, no adverts, no ongoing payments.

Designed For Your
Sector Of Business And Local Service


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Perfect For Any New Start Up Looking To Get Ahead Of Their Competitors


Fantastic addition for any exiting business looking to get ahead

Doesn't matter how good your site is.

If it's not being seen.

When you have a great site.
But no one's looking.


You could have a site giving away free money! You would expect a contstant stream of visitors. But they may not be the case.


Page 30 on Google

If your site is far down the listings people will not see it. Most people don't go past page one. Or page two if they are feeling adventurous.


Visit this month - 0 

If not one is visiting. No one is looking. Therefore no one is buying. No matter what you are selling. 

As a new business.

How good would it be to have your site on page one from the start?