Take a look at what we do.
What's included, and what you can add.

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First of all.
Let's take a look at what we do.

This is Dave.
Dave has decided to start his own cleaning business. He has decided to do end of tenancy cleaning and he wants to base his work in Cambridge.

Of course Dave wants a web site that is suitable for all devices. So he gets busy and in next to no time he has got himself a website. He calls it Daves Cleaning and gets the address

So Dave is now live to the world!
He can sit back safe in the knowledge that people can now search for his site and see what he has to offer.

But there is a propblem.
People are not finding his site.
There are just so many sites ahead of his. This is a new business for Dave and he really needs to make progress. 
So what can he do?

He can get to work on SEO.
This means getting professionals in which is going to be costly. It will also take time. It can be months before he sees results

He can pay for adverts.
This has quick results. But he must be careful. Cost can quickly mount up and Dave is just starting out. He hasn't got a large advertising budget to rely on. 

The problem is people are not looking for Daves Cleaning.
But they are looking for
End Of Tenancy Cleaning.

So how useful would it be if Dave had a site called End Of Tenancy Cleaning. The site is taylored to his area of business. The site is already live and on the 1st page of Google and Bing from the start.

Dave thinks this is a great idea.
This way he can get his business ahead of his competitors
from the start.

Sample Site

Take a look at out sample site.
Remember it is taylored to your sector of business.
It is completely royalty free and of course you can customise anything you want.

So what's included?

Take a look at what is included in a standard package.


Domian And Hosting

Your domain is aimed towards your business sector. Once purchased it is transfered to you. So you can keep the site as it is, change what ever you need to, add links to an existing site...etc. The choice is yours. To give you peace of mind the site also comes with one years hosting.


Four Page Site

Your site comprises fo four pages as standard.
These are a home page, near me page (showing the local areas covered) services page, contact page. Of course you can add more pages if you require.



Already set up is an "info" email account. You do can change this address to what best suits you. Or you can add your own email or you can just keep it. It is entirely up to you. 


Contact Form

Included is a contact form. So your customers can easily submit any enquirys they have. The form is sent to an email of your choice. By default they are sent to the "info" email attached to you domian.


Responsive Design

Of course the site is full compatible for all devices. So whether you customers are using a desk top, laptop, table or mobile. Their experiance will be seemless.


On Page One From Day One.

Your site will be on the first page of Google, This is done with organic SEO. No adverts. No ongoing payments. There are only ten avaliable spaces on page one for non paying sites. So if you want to be ahead of the competition then first page placement is essential.

Ready for you from the start.

Of course you can change anything. Or of you prefer, the site is ready to use straight away.

How does it work?

Here's a break down on how we can get you started.

Choose your domain

Take a look at our domains page and see what is available. If you cannot see anything you like then contact us and we can discuss the options available.

Purchase and process

Once chosen, you will be direct to the purchase page. Here you will also find a form to fill out your details. Especially the details that need to be on your site i.e business name, address etc.
Once received we will contact you to confirm everything.

You go live!

Once the first two stages are completed we get to work. We'll change contact details straight away so you waste no time. We will then start the process of transfering the site and domain over to you.

Is It Really That Simple?

Isn't it time you got started before your competitors do?